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On The Job Spinal Injury

At the first sign of pain after a workplace injury, it's important to come to The Law Offices of Mark G. Essey, P.C. for assistance. Proper diagnosis of a work-related spinal injury is critical. That's why you should depend on a workplace spinal injury attorney that is the best in Beaver County for expert assistance. We have provided zealous legal representation for our clients since 1993.

Mark G. Essey specializes in handling complex workers' comp claims related to spinal injuries. Put your case in the hands of our knowledgeable attorney who fights on your behalf. We strive to get you the proper compensation to guarantee your financial security.

Spinal Injury

What to Do When You Have a Workplace Spinal Injury

Millions of people across the country are impacted by workplace spinal injuries. These injuries affect employers, employees, and their families. In an instant, you could go from being fully functioning to being disabled. Coping with minor or major spinal injuries takes an emotional, physical, and financial toll on you. That's why it is important to retain an experienced attorney for workplace spinal injuries. We help you secure the reparations you need.

Prompt Help from Our Attorney for Workplace Spinal Injuries

Report your workplace injury as soon as possible. Doing so affects your ability to receive benefits through workman's compensation. However, even if you suffer from a permanent injury, your employer or your employer's insurance company may deny the full benefits you deserve.

As a highly skilled attorney for on-the-job spinal injuries, we have the knowledge and resources to provide aggressive legal defense. In addition, we may be able to help you get additional benefits, such as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Permanent Total Disability (PTD).

Why You Need an Attorney for On-the-Job Spinal Injuries

Every spinal cord accident is different. We carefully examine your case to determine how and why the accident occurred. Doing so allows us to build a strong case for you by identifying liable parties and pursuing damages. In order to secure workers' compensation, the circumstances of the injury and the full extent of its repercussions must be thoroughly addressed. As an attorney for on-the-job spinal injuries, Mark G. Essey is fully equipped to successfully represent you both in and out of court.

Spinal Injury